Location: Pulp SmashAPI Documentationpulp_smash.tests.pulp2.docker.api_v2.test_upload

Tests for uploading content to docker repositories.

class pulp_smash.tests.pulp2.docker.api_v2.test_upload.UploadManifestListV2TestCase(methodName='runTest')

Test upload of manifest list V2 without perform a sync.

classmethod setUpClass()

Create class-wide variables.


Upload a V2 manifest list.

Do the following:

  1. Create, sync and publish a repository. Read the repository and the repository’s manifest list.
  2. Upload a modified version of the manifest list to the repository. Re-read the repository and the repository’s manifest list.
  3. Assert that:
    • The repository’s manifest list hasn’t been changed. (After all, the repository hasn’t been published since the new manifest list was uploaded.)
    • The repository’s docker_manifest_list attribute has increased by the approprate number.

This test targets the following issues:


Execute pulp-admin login.