Location: Pulp SmashInstallation

Installing Pulp Smash into a virtual environment [1] is recommended. To create and activate a virtual environment:

pyvenv env
source env/bin/activate  # run `deactivate` to exit environment

To install Pulp Smash from PyPi:

pip install pulp-smash  # prepend `python -m` on Python 3.3

To install Pulp Smash from source (GitHub):

git clone
cd pulp-smash
python install

To install Pulp Smash from source in “develop mode,” where changes to source files are reflected in the working environment:

git clone
cd pulp-smash
pip install -r requirements.txt -r requirements-dev.txt

For an explanation of key concepts and more installation strategies, see Installing Python Modules.

[1]See Virtual Environments and Packages for an explanation of virtual environments. The pyvenv and virtualenv tools are similar, but the former ships with Python as of Python 3.3, whereas the latter is a third party tool.