Location: Pulp SmashInstallation

Installing Pulp Smash into a virtual environment [1] is recommended. To create and activate a virtual environment:

python3 -m venv env
source env/bin/activate  # run `deactivate` to exit environment

Pulp Smash can be installed from PyPI or from source. To install from PyPI:

pip install pulp-smash  # prepend `python -m` on Python 3.3

To install Pulp Smash from source (GitHub):

git clone
cd pulp-smash
pip install .

Pulp Smash can also be installed from source in “develop mode,” where changes to source code are reflected in the working environment. The --editable flag does this. Also, development dependencies can be installed by requiring the extra “dev” group.

git clone
cd pulp-smash
pip install --editable .[dev]

For an explanation of key concepts and more installation strategies, see Installing Python Modules.

[1]See Virtual Environments and Packages for an explanation of virtual environments. python3 -m venv and virtualenv are similar, but the former ships with Python as of Python 3.3, whereas the latter is a third party tool.