Location: Pulp SmashAPI Documentationpulp_smash.constants

Values usable by multiple test modules.

pulp_smash.constants.PULP_FIXTURES_BASE_URL = 'https://fixtures.pulpproject.org/'

A URL at which generated pulp fixtures are hosted.

pulp_smash.constants.PULP_FIXTURES_KEY_ID = '269d9d98'

The 32-bit ID of the public key used to sign various fixture files.

To calculate a new key ID, find the public key used by Pulp Fixtures (it should be in the Pulp Fixtures source code repository) and use GnuPG to examine it:

$ gpg "$public_key_file"
pub   rsa2048 2016-08-05 [SC]
uid           Pulp QE
sub   rsa2048 2016-08-05 [E]

The last 32 bits (8 characters) of the key ID are what Pulp wants — in this example, 269D9D98.